JSMastery – React Native tutorial

React Native

Updated Jul 22nd, 2022

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Notes on the first 90 minutes.

We use TextView instead of div, p, span

2 paths to get started: ExpoCLI and React Native CLI (requires XCode or Android Studio ~1hr to install and config)

Can use React Native with TS

Open expo app on your phone and scan barcode to see dev preview: Cool.

Install legacy-peer-dep?

Usefont from expo font download assets folder from YT link. A bucnh of “.ttf” files

CReate Stack Navigation from @react-navigation which is like react-router. Wrap the componentn tre in app.js.

Create a screen fodler with detail and home.

Whats is safeAreaView from r-native?

useisFocused from @react-native/core

FlatList hasa lot of props options => see the docs

Started with using all inine styles camelCase props and values wrapped in quotes.

route.params on detail screen

Can console.log things