Learn JS: FSFS – Course Summary Notes


Updated Dec 12th, 2021

This Udemy Course has can be broken down into a few main sections:

Overall Notes on the Course:

Great Instructor, the best I’ve seen, (pace on 2x Speed). Learned a lot with the course. The “Complex App” built is legit and can be tweaked to deploy a production-ready-very-legit web app

This course is good for anyone wanting to see the separation of front-end versus back-end (client-size versus server-side) code.

The course offers a lot of progress to your learning but at the same time, leaves you hungry for more. But fear not, you will soon realize that modern apps are built in React and so you need to rebuild the complex app using a totally different approach using the React framework. And oh yeah there’s Next.js and Typescript still to come as well.

Despite the feeling of overwhelm due to what is still left to learn you can find solace in knowing that you now have the ability to build a legit database-driven web app with user-auth in Vanilla JS with Server-Side rendered html using EJS templates and Node.