Web3 App to Mint NFTs By Fireship


Updated Jan 19th, 2022

What is an NFT?


NFT that changes appearance depending on where you see it based on the user agent.

Generate Art

nft generator site

directory namedlayers with svg images

random replace

Thanks to the magic of artificial scarcity

hashlips artengine is an automated solution


IPFS handles content addressability

We store a link to the identifier

How do we upload? Use pinata which is similar to dropbox.


contracts fodler

scripts folder deploys



Open Zeppelin has templates for smart contracts. Hard to handle randomness in a smart contract. It is possible but look into chainlink.

ERC-20 is what is used to create a fungible token. ERC-721 standard for NFT.

The open zepellin wizard is cool

Can click a button to open in remix. Can also copy an paste into VSCode.

require means to validate before execution


For automated testing.

npx hardhat node gives you a some fake accounts, eth and keys.

npx hardhat test

Ether JS

Build a web 3 app that interacts with a front-end UI.

npx hardhat node

npx hardhat compile

Can get smartcontract running our your local machine.

Metamask wallet

Check if metamask is installed.

Get the end users balance


Alchemy Deploy

Free tool

Can help make apps more reliable

Polygon is a layer 2 for Ethereum


Can follow the same process to deploy to the main net