WordPress Dev – Course Summary


Updated Mar 14th, 2022

This course is packed with WP content and is now up to 35.5 hours

A bunch of updates released in 2021 include “JavaScript Workflow Changes” and a “Plugin Development” section.

Link to the course on Udemy here.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Welcome!

Section 2: Getting Started

Section 3: First Coding Steps: PHP

Section 4: WordPress Specific PHP

Section 5: Pages
1hr 34min

Section 6: Building the Blog Section
1hr 12min

Section 7: Events Post Type
2hr 3min

Section 8: Programs Post Type

Section 9: Professors Post Type
1hr 3min

Section 10: Cleaner Code (Less Duplication)

Section 11: JavaScript Preparation

Section 12: Campus Post Type
1hr 4min

Section 13: Live Search (UI JavaScript)
1hr 24min

Section 14: WordPress REST API (AJAX)
1hr 29min

Section 15: Customizing the REST API
1hr 6min

Section 16: Combining Front-End & Back-End
1hr 37min

Section 17: Non-JS Fallback Traditional Search

Section 18: User Roles and Permissions

Section 19: User Generated Content
2hr 50min

Section 20: Like or “Heart” Count for Professors
1hr 45min

Section 21: Going Live: Deploying Our WordPress Site
1hr 14min

Section 22: Extra Credit Challenges & Topics

Section 23: Plugin Development: PHP
3hr 5min

Section 24: Plugin Development: Blocks, Gutenberg & React
1hr 21min

Section 25: Plugin: Multiple Choice Block Type (React)
2hr 35min

Section 26: Plugin: Featured Professor
1hr 56min

Section 27: Plugin Development: Custom SQL Database Table
1hr 46min

Section 28: Final Chapter